Take Action

How can I take action?

The vote is confirmed for Wednesday 20th June. There is still time to tweet a video at a key MEP, or you can email an MEP at saveyourinternet.eu

What is Take Action Day?

Take Action Day on June 12 marks the start of our final week to collectively push for Members of the European Parliament to vote against Article 13, and to stand against upload filters and censorship.

Why take action?

On June 20, MEPs will vote, and this is our last chance to convince them to save the open internet.

Their decision on the copyright reform will affect everyone who uses the internet. On this day, we elevate our voice and ask MEPs to stop the EU from censoring the content we consume, share and post.

Who can I get in touch with for more information?

If you want to learn more about Take Action Day or create content around the issue, contact hello@createrefresh.eu